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Welcome to The Pokemon Gym

Hi and welcome to The Pokemon Gym. I just started on 1/9/99 and hope to have a lot more. This is going to be a site that will have every thing you need to know about pokemon. I own the 2 colors RED and BLUE versions (USA). I hope that this site has every thing you what. If you do not find what you are looking for please tell me. If you would like to Wright some thing for the page plz E-Mail me. If you find any mistakes on this page plz tell me.

This Page has Pasted 5,000!!!! That is great and I will be needing help how I have so many ideas and so little time to do it so if you would Like to help plz E-Mail me and I will find some thing for you to do.


The Pokemon Gym Web Ring
MY OWN WEB RING Come in and join!!!
What is Pokemon
A description of pokemon
About Pokemon
How Pokemon came about
All The Pokemon
Pictures and a small description ( IT IS UP AND IT IS GOOD )
list of all the TM's and HM's
all the TM, HM and what they do
maps of the routes you will have to take
hints for pokemon
Find things you never knew
Walk Throws
It will show you all you need to know
Were to find all the pokemon
the location of all the pokemon and what version the pokemons are on (up dated)
Episode page
All 50 Episodes ( READY )
The Gym Leaders and Characters
All the Characters in the pokemon show and the Gym Leaders ( NOT READY )
Team Rocket
All About Team Rocket ( NOT READY )( working on it )
Pikachu Virtual Pet
A giga pet of Pikachu ( NOT READY )
Web Rings
All the Web Ring I belong to
Take a Quiz on Pokemon
A great web site to find out what you know ( This is not my web site!!!!)

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